Über uns


Antrow Software trug ursprünglich die Firmenbezeichnung ATAF Software. Wir haben entschieden diese zu ändern, um Missverständnisse bezüglich dem Namen ATAF in Zukunft zu vermeiden.

Warum der Name Antrow

We where inspired for our new name because we are using the ant colony optimization algorithm (ACO) for solving computational problems by finding good paths for data flow.

This algorithm is a member of the ant colony algorithms family, in swarm intelligence methods, and it constitutes some metaheuristic optimizations. This was Initially proposed by Marco Dorigo in 1992 in his PhD thesis, the first algorithm was aiming to search for an optimal path in a graph, based on the behavior of ants seeking a path between their colony and a source of food. The original idea has since diversified to solve a wider class of numerical problems,